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January 26, 2012 by Dr. Jon Warner in Business Ethics

Business Ethics PPTAccording to most dictionaries, ethics (the word deriving from the Greek word ethos meaning custom, practice and usage) refers to broadly accepted principles, judgments or ideas about what is right and wrong, good and evil, correct and incorrect behavior/conduct, moral and immoral etc.

The last of these terms, “morality” is often used by people interchangeably with ethicality. However, morality is more often related to personal morals or ethics (hence we decide about what is right and wrong as individuals) whereas ethics is typically related to a collective system of beliefs about what is right and wrong (and is therefore determined by a wider group of people and may even become a judgment about how we should even live our entire lives).

Although business or corporate ethics would never seek to suggest how individuals should live their whole lives (both inside and outside the workplace), as a whole morale philosophy, it has similar ambitions within the corporate employing body of each individual. In other words, corporate ethics are pre-specified standards of behavior or judgments about what is considered to be organizational right and wrong (allowing individuals to act only within certain boundaries when they face different circumstances or have to make a variety of alternative business-related decisions when “harm” might be caused).

A Business or Corporate ethics PowerPoint (or PPT) led workshop can help many people to better appreciate what business ethics are all about and to think about possible ethical challenges in the safe climate of a training room. In this case, this Business Ethics PPT is also fully scripted with trainer notes, allowing full explanations of points to be given by a workshop leader or facilitator (whether or not they are a professional trainer) and even includes a range of discussion exercises and paired or group activities to allow participants to practice specific skills as they are described or shared.

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