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Generational Leadership

Case Study: Delivering a Generational Styles Workshop (Using a ReadyToManage Assessment Facilitator Guide)

The Problem

A major energy utility in California had a problem … a long-tenured workforce, primarily Baby Boomers, that was increasingly being managed and lead by up-and-coming younger managers and leaders (Gen X and Y). Communication and style clashes were becoming more and more common, but what to do? Senior managers decided that education was key – misunderstandings could be better managed if employees became aware of and were able to talk about the issues at work, including:

  • Preferences of younger vs. older workers regarding technology
  • Sharing of common organizational goals
  • Importance of knowledge sharing and learning transfer as living legacy for older workers
  • Key motivators and reward/incentive preferences of the different generations
  • How to air differences and make one’s self heard in a constructive manner
  • How to have fun, be inclusive and mix better socially across age gaps

Solution: Customized Workshop

A consultant was called in to create a customized workshop that could cover these areas for various small department groups. That consultant turned to ReadyToManage for materials and resources, specifically the Generational Leadership booklet (free on the site) and Generational Style Assessment Facilitator Guide ($49.95) to design a three-hour workshop that could be replicated across the company.

Using an Assessment Facilitator Guide to Structure a Workshop

The company was given the option of including an online assessment prior to the workshop, but decided not to include this step. Even though the Generational Style Assessment Facilitator Guide (FG) was designed to support the online Generational Style Assessment, it could easily be used without the assessment and contains lots of interesting and relevant material the consultant used to structure the majority of the content (with some customized examples inserted).

In fact, the consultant used some of the scenarios from the assessment with the group in the workshop to spark discussion and dialog regarding the various generational styles and communication patterns. It was possible to use the material without necessarily administering the online assessment.


The company was able to educate the workforce in a dynamic and proactive way. The consultant utilized best-in-class resources to create a complete, replicable workshop for less than $50 in resources.

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