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Coaching Diagram

Coaching Diagram

There are many kinds of coaching in modern life. Just a few of these are:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Skill-based coaching (sports/music etc)
  • Career coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Results-based coaching

Although all of these kinds of coaching share the common feature of one individual offering support and guidance to another, at the detailed level the last of these is quite different from the first four.  Results coaching is a progressive system in which a coaching experience can both slowly unfold and have a better chance of achieving positive outcomes (for the coach and the person receiving the coaching).

An example of an effective results based coaching approach is the “RESULTS coaching™” process. As the coaching diagram here indicates, RESULTS is an acronym standing for Reflect, Evaluate, Strategize, Understand, Listen, Take Action and Systematize. In this model, coaching interventions follow each stage (or letter in the acronym) progressively over time, pausing for as long as necessary to explore the key issues that should ideally be considered at that point. In this sense, the RESULTS coaching™ process acts as an outline for the relationship, session-by-session, or as overall conversational “scaffolding” for forward plans to be built by the two parties involved in the coaching experience (as slowly or as quickly as they both see to be necessary).

This coaching process aims to be “enabling” and is not designed to be a “rigid” structure to be slavishly followed. As such, more or less time may be spent at certain stages in the process. Sub-steps may also be added at any point, or steps may be shortened or skipped, as and when the need arises. This is simply because every coaching relationship is inevitably unique and will always follow its own particular path (often times based on the problems, issues or challenges that are raised in each session). Nonetheless, based on extensive experience, the RESULTS coaching™ is a very useful reference model in almost every situation.

The RESULTS Coaching™ Model–Overview

(R) Reflect – Take time to think, ask questions and re-frame
(E) Evaluate – Carefully assess all the forward options
(S) Strategize – Select the plan(s) with the best chance of succeeding
(U) Understand – Appreciate what resources will be needed to succeed
(L) Listen – Pay attention to the input of employees and colleagues
(T) Take Action – Implement plans and follow-though persistently
(S) Systematize – Ensure that processes are permanently changed

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