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Complaint Handling Cartoon

April 30, 2012 by Dr. Jon Warner in Topic Cartoons

Complaint Handling Cartoon

In a perfect working world, there would be no need for customers to complain at all. Organizations would say what they mean and mean what they say and customers would get what they want all of the time. Unfortunately, this perfect world is not about to come into being any time soon but we can get a few steps nearer to it by changing our attitude towards complaints, at least just a little.

Today, we may well see complaints as an annoying and time-consuming irritant to be dealt with as quickly as possible or even ignore, if we can get away with it. However, if we see complaints as one of the best mechanisms to improve our internal work processes, we have the opportunity to make real changes which not only help our complainants but make the lives of all of our customers better. We therefore need to set up complaint handling systems which are easy to use, efficient and capable of solving real problems within a reasonable timeframe.  Our complaint handling efforts should then be judged by our ability to plan for the reactions we get from customers (so that they see our responses as positively as possible), and on our ability to organize resources to deal well with the feedback we receive. The process should then ultimately look to change or control the organization’s operational processes so that our customers do not experience the same problems in the future that led the complaint this time around.

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