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Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation PPT

Creativity and Innovation PPTIf you are looking to:

  • Identify the four phases that are involved in using creativity/innovation skill – INITIATE (I), DEVELOP (D), EVOLVE (E) and ACTION (A) – spelling the word ‘IDEA’.
  • Learn how to increase your own or others levels of curiosity and to break your traditional thinking patterns to find new ideas or solutions.
  • Recognize that all ideas need to be nurtured and (where possible) tested to ensure that they can be implemented successfully.
  • Apply strategies to ensure that good ideas and creative thought succeed through high levels of personal courage and persistence

Then this rich 55-slide fully scripted PowerPoint (PPT) on Creativity and Innovation may be just what you need to hold an interactive session with a group of people on this topic.

This is a workshop to help individuals who want to be more creative/innovative and to explore different ways in which this can happen over time. It also explores different ways in which individuals can break thinking patterns and start to generate more alternatives in terms of forward action. The workshop therefore primarily seeks to help people looking to make creative thinking a bigger part of their workplace life. (Click here to see a sample of this Creativity and Innovation PPT.)

To be creative or innovative can be said to be Original, Imaginative, Expressive, Ground breaking, Inventive and Idea generative. But the problem with all of these creativity ‘labels’ is that they are context sensitive or relative terms. In other words, we can only be truly creative if we have an alternative or different perspective to everyone else (often in commonplace or familiar situations where most people think broadly in the same way). The reason for stressing this need for creativity to represent continually new and different approaches is to make the point that creativity does not occur as a phenomenon that is independent from its situational circumstances. In the same way, neither is creativity the domain of only creative ‘types’. Hence, the reality is that in the right circumstances, any individual can be creative or be more creative than they were just by having a new or different view from everyone else). This PowerPoint workshop helps to explore these issues in more detail.

And to make your life even easier, why not look at the associated workshop participant guide and the online competency-based creativity and innovation effectiveness assessment.

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