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Readiness Recipes

The Empowering Manager

The Empowering Manager

The Empowering Manager provides opportunities for people to make their own decisions. Empowering others involves sharing information; creating autonomy through guidelines, and often replacing traditional hierarchical structures with self-managed teams. Effective empowerment achieves a subtle balance between giving another person the room or the freedom they need to work independently without close supervision or control, and full appreciation of the responsibility such freedom entails. Skillful empowerment is a powerful motivator to achieve workplace excellence.

Ingredients:Readiness Recipes

  • Trust and openness
  • Warmth towards people
  • Empathy
  • Capacity to listen
  • Delegation
  • Coaching

Ingredients should be added, blended well and left to mature over time:

  • Trust and openness requires having the faith in individuals that they will try their best and meet their promises and is about being open and honest in communicating with people as the empowerment process unfolds.
  • Warmth toward people involves creating a positive and supportive climate when communicating with people and demonstrating an understanding of others’ viewpoints and feelings.
  • Empathy is the ability to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings that are being experienced by another person and to feel compassion towards their circumstances.
  • Capacity to listen is the ability to both hear and understand other people, and to quickly discover their full communication or message so that a full understanding can be arrived at.
  • Delegation is identifying tasks that a given person in the team can do as well or even more adeptly than the manager and then designing a project to allow that person to build his or her skills and knowledge to help maximize his or her potential.
  • Coaching involves providing guidance and support to people who may benefit from your expertise, wisdom and business knowledge, and identifying people who would benefit from a mentoring relationship with you.
The Empowering Manager has all of these ingredients; no substitutions or omissions can be made to the recipe.

“Readiness Recipes” is a new article series exploring 26 different kinds of managers A-Z and the key ingredients that each needs for success.  Stay tuned for more recipes and thanks for reading!

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