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Entrepreneurship PPT

January 26, 2012 by Dr. Jon Warner in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship PPTEntrepreneurship is a French word meaning to enter and take out something of value, or more fully: “a specific effort to apply creativity, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods.” Another similar definition is: “the art or science of innovation and risk-taking for profit in business”. Entrepreneurship may consequently result in new organizations or may be part of revitalizing mature organizations in response to a perceived opportunity or possible gap in the market.

The innovation piece of the process then means that there is always some level of creativity or new thinking, and not just a “me-too” approach or one that offers very little that is different. An “Entrepreneur” then is defined as being: “a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.”

Entrepreneurial activities can be substantially different depending on the type of organization being started.  But whatever the activity being considered, it is critical that the person considering an entrepreneurial venture is up to the task ahead or ready to take on all the challenges that are likely to be faced.

Being ready for starting a new enterprise or an entrepreneurial journey involves having both the knowledge and skills to overcome the difficulties that are likely to be encountered.  A PowerPoint led workshop can help many people who are interested in entrepreneurship to evolve this knowledge and learn many of these skills. In this case, this Preparing for Enterprise or Entrepreneurship PPT is also fully scripted with trainer notes, allowing full explanations of points to be given by a workshop leader or facilitator (whether or not they are a professional trainer) and even includes a range of discussion exercises and paired or group activities to allow participants to practice specific skills as they are described or shared.

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