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Examples of Communication Skills

January 18, 2013 by Dr. Jon Warner in Communication

Examples of Communication Skills

We all aspire to have more effective communication skills but what are some examples of communications skills which work well? One important factor to remember when engaging in any communication is that we should always think carefully about our overall goal or objective.

These goals may be many and various but will tend to fall into just a few categories such as raising awareness, getting people to get some general information, take on board a decision you or others have made, change his or her attitude about something or even take action of some kind. But this is fine in theory but what does this look like in practice? Here are some examples of communication skills with the intended goal listed separately each time:

“There’s no coffee left”. A simple communication goal may to make one or more people aware of a simple fact. Primary communication goal: Awareness

“There’s no coffee left so we may as well keep working and then go out to get one at the coffee shop later”. Here we are ensuring that people have not only received the information but can accept the decision to keep working. Primary communication goal:  Information exchange

“There’s no coffee left and there won’t be until we get more in tomorrow. I know you wanted one but there’s no point complaining”. Here, our goal is simply to have the person accept that complaining is a waste of time.  Primary communication goal: Accept a decision

“There’s no coffee left but there will be more tomorrow morning for sure, sorry about the inconvenience”. Although it’s related to the above, we may want to try to change someone’s attitude form irritated to at least accepting.  Primary communication goal: Change/adjust an attitude

“There’s no coffee left, so… if you drive to the local supermarket before they close and buy some we can all have a cup and then finish what we are working on”. Here we are communicating that we simply want the person to take some action. Primary communication goal: Take action

What all of the above examples of communication skills have in communication is that they are clear and succinct ways of meeting the overall objective in terms of the message to be sent. This means that it is likely to have the best chance of eliciting the response that is sought from the exchange.

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