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Examples of Customer Service Questions

June 6, 2013 by Dr. Jon Warner in Customer Service

Examples of Customer Service Questions

If we have a goal to offer customers service excellence then we have no choice but to ask our customers what excellence means for them. The best way to do this is to ask questions (and the better crafted the questions, the better). 

Asking good questions of customers can benefit an individual, team, department or whole organization of any kind in numerous ways. It can provide you with insights you might not otherwise discover, such as what is most important to an existing or potential customer, what they may think of the quality of your service, or how you may better resolve a problem that has been experienced by one or more customers.

In the example list below are a range of possible questions but they have been categorized according to the overall goal we may be seeking in asking these questions: 

1. Standing out from competitors

  • What makes our product or service different/unique versus our competitors?
  • Is our product or service easily describable by customers?
  • What makes customers want to share stories about our company or organization?

2. Crafting the value proposition or marketing message?

  • What is our brand image?
  • How consistent are our marketing messages to customers
  • How compelling is our language to talk about the products or services we offer?

3. Understanding our target customers and where to reach them?

  • Where are our customers (physically or online)?
  • To what networks or groups do our customers belong?
  • Who are our biggest customers or customer evangelists and what segments do they come from?

4. Giving customers a reason to keep coming back?

  • What new products or services can and should we offer to keep our offering(s) fresh?
  • What novel marketing campaigns can we run to incent customers to return for more?
  • How responsive and empowered are our front service staff and how can we improve it further? 

5. Creating rewards and recognition for customers?

  • Do we properly thank our customers for their custom?
  • Can we introduce or add rewards to motivate our customers further?
  • Do we reward or recognize our customers when they give us valuable feedback 

In the list below are a few further examples of customer questions that you may ask, in this case split according to selling to them more successfully and then specifically to help improve overall levels of customer service. However, it should be noted that they may need to be modified to suit a particular customer or a specific situation. 

Questions to Ask Customers in a Sales Setting
  • “What are your key/major business initiatives?”
  • “What are your long short and long-term goals as a business/organization?”
  • “What are your top two or three priorities in the near term?”
  • “What challenges are you facing as a business/organization?”
  • “What are the top issues facing your business/organization?”
  • “What is your biggest concern or worry about the future with respect to your business? 
Questions to Ask Your Team to Help Improve Customer Service
  • “What could we do to improve our product and/or service to customers?”
  • “What more can we do to improve our level of service?”
  • “What can we do to increase or add to the value of our products/services?
  • “What can we do to make it easier to do business with us?”
  • “What have we done in the past to exceed expectations that we should keep doing?”
  • “How, specifically, should we display the values of honesty, integrity, excellence, respect, teamwork, accountability, customer focus, environmental and social consciousness, health and safety etc. in our dealings with you?”
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