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Influencing Others

Influencing Styles Assessment

August 8, 2012 by Dr. Jon Warner in Influencing Others

Influencing Styles Assessment

To “influence,” is to produce an effect on someone by imperceptible or intangible means; or, to sway, or modify them in some way.  When we seek to influence someone we are trying to have an effect on them – usually to change their mind, or modify their way of thinking in some way.  We do this all the time, but we don’t think about it.  Nonetheless, influencing is a skill that can be improved with effort and practice.

When we talk about influencing someone what we are really talking about is changing a person’s mind, which is hard to do.  People don’t readily change their mind.  For example, in a customer service operation you often get customer complaints.  The employee in this example is challenged to change the customer’s mind, or attitude, from a negative one, to a positive one. It takes skill, knowledge and determination to take on this challenge – that of influencing others to change their minds.

Understanding how we impact others is the foundation on which to build effective communication and influencing skills. To help achieve the “influencing styles assessment” (see link below) looks at the four major styles which individuals are likely to adopt when looking to influence others. These are a “Visioning” style, and “Orchestrating” style, a “Regulating” style and finally a “Harmonizing” style (all of which are fully defined and explained in the assessment).The influencing styles assessment illustrates how these four styles interact and it provides a graphic and clear illustration of each style’s strengths and weaknesses in seeking to influence others.

Influencing Styles AssessmentThis online influencing assessment allows individuals to carry out a self-assessment in terms of the influencing style they most often adopt, their secondary style and even their tertiary style (plotting the results on a four quadrant grid for maximum visual impact). Individuals end up with a personalized report of results which also then shows where efforts to improve may be focused in the future, including specific steps to “flex” their style to better deal with the many different situations they are likely to encounter. The $15 spent on this assessment is therefore well-worth the investment.

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