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Leadership PowerPoint

Leadership PowerPointIf you are looking to more effectively:

  • Differentiate between management and leadership activities
  • Appreciate the eight key competencies that comprise effective leadership
  • Understand how espoused values make a key contribution to employee willingness to follow a leader
  • Recognize a range of leadership styles and select appropriate action as a leader/manager
  • Develop a plan for increasing the commitment that individuals can earn from others as a leader

Then this 50-slide fully scripted PowerPoint on Leadership may be just what you need to hold an interactive session with a group of people on this topic.

This is a workshop to help individuals who want to look at the whole subject of leadership at a deeper level. It therefore explores different ways in which leadership can be exercised in a range of practical ways. The workshop therefore primarily seeks to help people looking to lead people in intelligent ways according to the situation at hand. (Click here to see a sample of this Leadership PowerPoint.)

Leadership can be most simply defined as “influence”. And that can be exercised formally or informally, and by anyone. Of course, we are all constantly engaged in efforts to influence others; trying to “lead” them to see our point of view, to follow our proposed course of action, to do what it is that we want.  So what then is the main difference between “leadership” and “management”? The author Warren Bennis wrote (in Why Leaders Can’t Lead) “Many an institution is very well managed and very poorly led. It may excel in the ability to handle each day all the routine inputs, yet may never ask whether the routine should be done at all.”  Management is therefore the process of planning, leading and controlling an organisation’s human, financial, physical and information resources to achieve organisational goals in an efficient and effective manner. It’s therefore vital, but it’s not the same as leadership. Managers are responsible for “doing things right”, leaders are responsible for making sure that the “right things are being done”.  This makes the whole subject of leadership an extremely important one for every individual (whether leading or led by others) and this PowerPoint explores these issues in detail.

And to make your life even easier, why not look at the associated workshop participant guide and the online competency-based leadership effectiveness assessment.

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