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January 26, 2012 by Dr. Jon Warner in Learning Styles

Learning Styles PPTAll learners are not equal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from many different backgrounds. Some prefer to process information through text, while others want visual support and images. Some learners assimilate information individually; others prefer to work in groups. Some people grasp information intuitively and quickly, whereas others prefer to see a strong sequential path and take time to reflect. In the end, the only thing you can say for sure is that every individual learns in their own particular way.

Despite the fact that there are obviously many different earning styles, it is perhaps an unfortunate fact that the vast majority of material and knowledge that we are taught is delivered by exposition (with considerable repetition necessary to overcome some of the problem of forgetfulness). This would not be necessary if the learning were designed to be more tailored or meaningful to the learner. In other words, if the information was related to what the student already knows and it could be ‘slotted’ into their existing knowledge (or prevailing cognitive structure). This complex sounding theory is in fact, quite a simple process. The idea is that all of our knowledge is built in a connected way. Our mind will always look to make these connections but it may not always do so efficiently, or at all. Hence, ‘islands’ of information may remain lost and unconnected forever in some cases. Learning styles are the method or approach that each individual makes to connect what they are receiving externally with what they already know internally.

A Learning styles PowerPoint (or ppt) led workshop can help many people to better appreciate both their own preferred learning style and identify what different learning styles other individuals may have. In this case, this Learning styles PPT is also fully scripted with trainer notes, allowing full explanations of points to be given by a workshop leader or facilitator (whether or not they are a professional trainer) and even includes a range of discussion exercises and paired or group activities to allow participants to practice specific skills as they are described or shared.

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