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Management Assessment

Management Assessment

To be an effective manager or leader we need to have a range of skills and abilities (often called managerial competencies) that we can deploy in the right way at the right time to handle a wide array of tasks to tackle, problems that we need to solve, people we need to manage and issues we need to deal with. But what are these competencies and what aspects of our work do they contribute to most?

The “Management Effectiveness assessment” (see link below) was developed over a 10 year period by looking at what successful managers did in organizations of many sizes and types. The assessment can therefore help any manager to identify their existing competencies but also, and perhaps more importantly, to identify personal strengths and development needs within 12 specific competency areas. A manager’s overall effectiveness can be tied to these twelve competencies in four clusters as follows: 

Managing Your Job:
• Managing and Prioritizing Time
• Setting Goals and Standards
• Planning and Scheduling Work 
Developing The Team:
• Training, Coaching and Delegating
• Appraising People and Performance
• Counselling and Disciplining
Relating To Others:
• Listening and Organizing
• Giving Clear Information
• Getting Unbiased Information
Thinking Clearly:
• Identifying and Solving Problems
• Making Decisions and Weighing Risk
• Thinking Clearly and Analytically

Management AssessmentThis online and paper-based management assessment gives individuals the opportunity to not only carry out a self-assessment (which provides scores and interpretive information in all eight of the above categories) but also allows participants to undertake the management assessment as 180-degree feedback (including his or her boss) and even 360-degree feedback (adding in up to ten colleagues as well).  Individuals end up with a personalized report of results which also then shows where efforts to improve or make small adjustments in approach may be focused in the future. The $20 spent on this assessment is therefore well-worth the investment.

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