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Recruitment and Selection PPT“The job of the leader is to pick the right people to be part of the organization and to create an environment where those people can succeed.”

This quotation by Mort Meyerson, an American business leader and (more recently) arts patron, sums up the job of the leader as almost split in two: first, it is about smart hiring, and then it is about creating an environment in which good people can do their best – removing obstacles to excellent performance and getting out of the way of the day-to-day work.

Another business writer who has much to say on this topic is Jim Collins, co-author of the ground-breaking work, “Good to Great.”  In this book Collins said that the first thing a leader needs to do is:

“… get the right people on the bus, wrong people off the bus, right people in the right seats and then figure out where to drive.”

In effect, he is saying that selection and placement should precede the formation of a particular business strategy. To explain further, he wrote that:

“ …great leaders understand three simple truths. First, if you begin with ‘who,’ rather than ‘what,’ you can more easily adapt to a changing world. If people join the bus primarily because of where it is going, what happens if you get ten miles down the road and you need to change direction? You’ve got a problem. But if people are on the bus because of who else is on the bus, then it’s much easier to change direction.”

That is, getting the right people “on the bus,” or in your organization, or team, is essential to top performance.  Selection is a manager’s first priority because if you don’t have the right people working for you, your job is made so much harder.

Often, managers “inherit” strategy and/or people and must work with what they’ve got, which can be challenging, even at the best of times.  The key point here is to emphasize that organizational success can be very difficult to achieve with employees who are inflexible, do not wish to learn, grow and be challenged, or who resist change (as change is inevitable).

A Recruitment and Selection PowerPoint (or ppt) led workshop can help leaders at all levels to better appreciate “how to get the right people on the bus”. In this case, this Recruitment and Selection PPT is also fully scripted with trainer notes, allowing full explanations of points to be given by a workshop leader or facilitator (whether or not they are a professional trainer) and even includes a range of discussion exercises and paired or group activities to allow participants to practice specific skills as they are described or shared.

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