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Stay Sane During The Holidays With Our Stress Management Tips

Stress Management Tips

Holidays combined with end-of-the-year deadlines can create stress for everyone. It is important to learn how to deal with this stress, in order for it not to take over your life. When stress builds to extreme levels we are unable to cope and our physical and mental capacity to enjoy life can be significantly reduced.

Top 5 tips to combat stress:

1. Don’t bottle up negative feelings, doing so will only exacerbate internal tension and anxiety and create a vicious cycle that only builds more stress. Instead, simply talk to someone who will listen.

2. Too much urgent activity (ie. looming deadlines and time constraints). People often confuse urgent things with important things. Organize your life so it isn’t cluttered with activity that leads to anxiety over things left undone.

3. Take care of your physical well being. This includes maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime without smoking or drinking.

4. Consider emotional factors in your life. Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a night and don’t forget to have fun! Make time for your favorite hobbies.

5. PLAN AHEAD! Life always runs a little smoother if you plan ahead. Remind yourself that you always have time and opportunity to prepare, plan, and organize yourself to be in control.

Don’t let stress run your life this holiday season. Click Here to review or purchase The Stress Pocketbook, voted “best of its kind” by Management Today. Reviewed as “a user-friendly guide to stress management. The simple, quick-fire descriptions of common workplace situations are useful. Well worth keeping handy.”

The Stress Pocketbook is full of practical advice on ways to manage your own stress, and how to help others, with an emphasis on what to do rather than on theory.

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