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Stress/Pressure Management: Healthy Habits

Research over many years has sought to classify where an individual tends to be on the “stress curve”. Three categories have emerged as follows: A, B or C. Of these three “types”, the type “A’s” are seen to be almost pre-disposed to experiencing high pressure, mainly because they naturally worry or put stress on themselves to perform (and can therefore become quickly overloaded when external circumstances work against them). The “B” types, on the other hand, were found to be much better pressure managers, largely by maintaining a much quieter and calmer overall disposition in the face of all that work and life throws at them. Finally, type “C” individuals, while only a small part of the population, may appear to operate like type B’s but in fact often build up or store distress internally (so may well be silently fuming for a while) until it spills over, usually for all to see and sometimes quite dramatically.

When researchers looked at the healthier type B’s in the population, one of the key factors to emerge was that this group of people spent quality time on their physical and mental well-being – something that would undoubtedly aid the type A’s and type C’s should they do the same. So, what’s involved in a person’s physical and mental health?

A person’s physical health has three main areas which should be considered. These are a person’s diet, your exercise regime, and other habits that may have a bearing on his or her health such as smoking or drinking alcohol to excess. Obviously, the more that these three areas are properly attended to the more able an individual is to handle pressure, as the body is that much stronger.

A person’s mental health also has three main areas to consider. These are his or her sleep and relaxation habits, his/her relative levels of self-esteem, and the extent to which the person engages in recreation or fun activities from time-to-time. This simply suggests that every individual needs to find a number of ways in which to re-charge his or her “batteries” and have time in which to feel positive and in control.

The featured video clip is drawn from the ReadyToManage, Rapid Skill Builder Stress/Pressure Management Video Vignette Set.

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