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Survey Results: Top 10 Topics in Training and Development

Top 10 Topics in Training and Development

Last month, ReadyToManage conducted a small survey of around 1,500 human resource and training managers to ask them what their priorities were when it came to training and development for their staff.

In some respects, the results in terms of the greatest priorities by way of topic area were predictable with Leadership, Team Building and Coaching being the greatest priority. However, in the top ten priorities there were a few surprises, with high prioritization given to areas such as Employee Engagement and Retention, Critical Thinking and Listening Skills. The entire top 10 list is shown in the chart below:

Survey Results: Top 10 Topics in Training and Development

Types of resources deemed to be most useful

The ReadyToManage webstore includes many categories of support product for the training, coaching or general development of leaders. This includes Diagnostic Assessments, Aptitude Tests, eLearning Courses, Kits, Storyboards/Posters, Case Studies, Games and Simulations, Books, Training Exercises, Self-Study Booklets, etc.  However, the survey population top five were interesting. Of greatest interest and top of the list was Games and Simulations, and second was Case Studies, both perhaps reflecting the move to more experiential and interactive learning today. Third on the list was Self-Development Booklets, fourth was Trainer Kit Packages and PowerPoints and fifth was eLearning Modules. Diagnostic Assessments came in sixth in this survey but have been first on the list in past surveys.

Areas for future focus and inclusion

The survey respondents offered several suggestions for areas of future focus and support on the ReadyToManage webstore. The most commonly cited areas were more resources in the realm of Compliance type training, Occupational Health and Safety training resources and Workplace Harassment training. ReadyToManage intends to look at adding third-party resources to the site in all three of these areas in the near future.

We would like to thank those people who responded to this survey and we will keep you posted on changes we will introduce in the near future to make the ReadyToManage webstore even more useful.

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