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The Mentoring Manager

July 20, 2012 by Dr. Jon Warner in Readiness Recipes

The Mentoring Manager

Mentors make available insight, challenge, knowledge, encouragement, wisdom, support and a different perspective – all of which can be helpful to the person being mentored, or the mentee. Good mentoring can significantly develop individual capability and motivation and so to improve organizational capability, responsiveness to change and bottom line productivity. Mentoring helps people to learn on the job by identifying and working on areas of their development that may be holding their performance back or could be developed even further. Mentoring is a process in which the mentor and the mentee work together in a partnership – the mentor’s aim is to empower the mentee so that they can learn and develop their abilities to respond to the changing challenges of their job. In other words, a mentor can help others and continuously improve and develop to match changing needs and circumstances.

Ingredients:Readiness Recipes

  • Coaching ability
  • Delegation skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Feedback giving skills
  • Listening skills
  • Strategic acumen

Ingredients should be added, blended well and left to mature over time:

  • Coaching ability: This refers to a manager’s ability to offer on-going assistance and guidance to people to help them realize their full potential.
  • Delegation skills: This refers to a manager’s capacity to empower colleagues and team members to take responsibility for major decisions and be creative and challenging in offering input.
  • Emotional intelligence: This refers to a manager’s capacity to recognize, understand and harness his or her own feelings and the feelings of others positively.
  • Feedback giving skills: This refers to a manager’s ability to offer useful and constructive performance feedback that is readily accepted and acted upon.
  • Listening skills: This refers to a manager’s capacity to both hear and understand other people, and to quickly discover their full communication or message.
  • Strategic acumen: This refers to a manager’s ability to identify a credible destination and indicate how to get there in a clear, straightforward and readily executable way.
The Mentoring Manager has all of these ingredients; no substitutions or omissions can be made to the recipe.

“Readiness Recipes” is a new article series exploring 26 different kinds of managers A-Z and the key ingredients that each needs for success.  Stay tuned for more recipes and thanks for reading!

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