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Time Management Assessment

Time Management Assessment

In the ever-increasing pressure of the modern world, many of us feel very time-starved or sense that we do not have sufficient time to get everything done that we want to. Put simply, we feel that we do not have enough time in the day to comfortably manage our jobs and our lives. There are many good reasons for this: the age we live in demands quick response, administrative minutiae has increased (including even more paper it seems in what was once promised to be a paperless world) and we are bombarded all days long with interrupting messages (from advertisements, emails, mobile phones and many other sources, including people, to name just a few). All of this means that we are being asked to do more with less. Although we could just accept all of this as an inevitable aspect of modern life, a better approach is to examine what we can do to get a better grip on our time and learn how to manage it rather than have it manage us.

Because the pace of life seems to grow ever faster, we all need the skills to make sure that we concentrate on our major personal and organizational objectives and to organize our time in the most efficient way possible. The “Time Management assessment” (see link below) provides a detailed process for assessing an individual’s existing capacity to manage their time efficiently and highlights specific areas where improvement might be possible. This is done by measuring time management ability in seven key competency categories as listed below:

  • Personal Predisposition
  • Preparation Skills
  • Organizational Ability
  • Pressure Management Skills
  • Delegation Skills
  • Interruption Management Skills
  • Results Orientation

Time Management AssessmentThis online and paper-based time management assessment gives individuals the opportunity to not only carry out a self-assessment (which provides scores and interpretive information in all seven of the above categories) but also allows participants to undertake the time management assessment as 180-degree feedback (including his or her boss) and even 360-degree feedback (adding in up to ten colleagues as well).  Individuals end up with a personalized report of results which also then shows where efforts to improve or make small adjustments in approach may be focused in the future. The $20 spent on this assessment is therefore well-worth the investment.

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