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Job Satisfaction

When it comes to finding satisfying work, there are two very different approaches that seem to be alive and well in the world today. The first, and by far the most common approach, is to see work as mainly a means to trade effort for monetary reward. In this approach job satisfaction is very much a secondary benefit, if it is available. The second approach is to see work as a major part of life which can and should offer challenge, learning opportunities, motivation, interest, comradeship and even fun. In this approach monetary reward is usually a welcome but often a secondary benefit.

Although a job may be a sideline or even a “necessary evil” for some people, the benefits of adopting the second approach are considerable. As a result, when asking the question “what is the right job for me? or perhaps even better “from which job would I derive most enjoyment?” the following approach is likely to yield good results:

14 ways to find the right job for you

  1. Deep Reflection. Reviewing former experiences and capturing the learning and development gained. This is often best done by writing thoughts and ideas down in a journal or personal learning log or notebook.
  2. Commercial acumen. Understanding the dynamic nature of the economy and its impact on the labor market, anticipating and being well positioned to exploit change.
  3. Ongoing self analysis. Identifying changing/evolving skills, values, interests and core strengths.
  4. Recording evidence of personal abilities. This is especially important when new abilities are developed.
  5. Actively seeking feedback from others. Networking and relationship-building and asking for input from colleagues on a regular basis
  6. Identifying areas for personal and professional development. Being specific and developing an action plan.
  7. Opportunity awareness. Gaining a wider knowledge of the employment market to identify, create, investigate and seize opportunities.
  8. Actively using research skills. To identify possible sources of information and support from a range of sources on and off line.
  9. Decision-making. Understanding your personal priorities and constraints (internal and external), so each career step can be made following an informed decision.
  10. Matching opportunities to your core skills. Carefully trying to match your knowledge, values, interests, etc to the job opportunities you identify.
  11. Networking awareness. Actively and regularly developing a broad network of contacts for advice, information and even coaching.
  12. Self presentation and promotion ability. Defining and promoting your own interests, viewpoints and agenda (in a quiet but assertive manner where it matters).
  13. Identification of “customer needs” This includes promotion of your own strengths in a convincing way under different circumstances. The ability to see how an ultimate customer would benefit from your contribution in a job role.
  14. Goal setting and action planning. Planning and implementing an effective course of action to win the right job for you; organizing time effectively and preparing contingency plans. This is the ability to monitor and evaluate progress against specific job search objectives.

The more you can develop in many or even all of the above areas, the “fitter” your efforts to find the perfect job for you are likely to be.

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  1. Connie C. KhanApril 16, 2012 at 1:49 am

    Finally a person that puts some real work into a blog. I do like what you have done with the blog.

  2. Jon WarnerJuly 20, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Many thanks

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